006 // Helena Ku Rhee // Author - The Paper Kingdom & The Turtle Ship

Meet Helena Ku Rhee on Episode 006 of Dear Asian Americans! Helena is an author, her most recent book entitled The Paper Kingdom, and entertainment executive. Hear her journey through academia, law, entertainment, and eventually her passion to share stories through her writing.

Dear Asian Americans,

Please tell your stories. They're important and we would love to hear them.

I wish you much success and much happiness in all your endeavors.




We celebrate Helena and her second children's book, The Paper Kingdom, and her bold decision to create books for our children with characters who look like them and whose stories are all too familiar.

We support her in her work and all fellow Asian American authors and creators as we honor the sacrifices of our parents and leave a lasting legacy for our children.

Helena inspires us to never give up on our passions, even through a decade plus year career is a more traditional path, and to always let our hearts guide our work.

Learn more about Helena and her work at www.HelanaKRhee.com


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